The Start


I bought SV Delos in May of 2008. At the time I had no intentions of documenting our life with YouTube Sailing Videos, but as sometimes happens one thing lead to another and here we are 45 countries, 70,000+ ocean miles, and over 200 YouTube Sailing Videos later. The decision to sell everything, buy a sailboat, and set off on a grand adventure was a defining point in my life.

My brother Brady (aka Señor Brady) joined Delos in Mexico for a month long sail to Tahiti. He decided to take all his savings, leave university behind and give 110% to the sailing life. Now 8 years later he is still aboard and has become my best friend. We’ve had more brotherly experiences together than any two man-boys have a right to.

I met the love of my life Karin (aka my Swedish Princess) on the other side of the Pacific in New Zealand, and asked her to go sailing for the weekend. Now 4 oceans and many hard sea miles later she has become an accomplished sailor and my wife! Alex Blue, joined Delos in South Africa and after Brady used some love potion to spark her interest, she has become a full time part of our floating family and production team! Together the 4 of us form the core of The Delos Crew.

A few years into the trip In Australia the cruising kitty ran dry, and we stopped sailing to work for a year. A fellow cruiser gave us the idea to document our travels with Youtube Sailing Videos so we purchased a small camcorder and started making our own homemade sailing movies about our experience. To date we’ve published over 200 videos on our scuba Diving and sailing adventures around this magnificent planet. The videos are all FREE. We’ve poured our heart and soul into them, and hope you enjoy watching as much as we did making them!

This website is dedicated to those of you that are considering a adventure of your own, and we hope you find it useful to pursue your own dreams, whether they be on land or at sea.



我记得我第一次走下码头,看到德洛斯坐在那里。她只是尖叫着“带我穿越海洋!”。当时我在西雅图生活和工作,一年多以来我一直在购买一艘坚固的蓝色游轮。我参加了一系列的船艇表演,对一切都垂涎三尺,甚至考虑看这些 灰线铝船 所以我可以说我有一条自己的船,但后来听说 关于游轮研讨会上的阿米尔船。当时,美国西海岸只有一辆艾默尔超级马拉穆在出售。它刚好在贝灵汉,距离西雅图以北几个小时的车程,几乎就在加拿大边境上,所以我就去看看。










Strangely with a trip to the library on a sunny Seattle Day. I was browsing the shelves and saw a book with a bright blue ocean on the cover. I can’t remember the exact title but it was something like “How to cross an ocean on your own boat.” What?!??! Was that even possible to do these days? I’d been sailing small boats around the lakes of Seattle for a few years but the thought of crossing an ocean blew me away. It then occurred to me that this was the ultimate way to travel! A way to mix adventure and self sufficiency with the art of sailing. And so the dream was born.

What were your initial plans?

The initial plan was to sail to New Zealand. I spent the next 4 years dreaming, saving, planning, and selling all my worldly possessions. Delos departed Seattle in August of 2009 and we arrived in New Zealand in October of 2010. There was no way I could stop now so another plan was born to sail to Australia via Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon’s. Most of my savings had been spent by this time so we stretched the budget razor thin to make it happen.



Shileshole Marine-西雅图


What hardships did you run into? How did your plans change after setting sail?

We sailed on and off the anchor to save diesel and lived off fish and rice. It was an amazing experience to see just how cheaply you can live on the ocean. We made it happen and arrived in Australia some 7 months after departing New Zealand. The entire crew was really, really broke so we parked Delos for a while and moved to Melbourne, Australia. At this point the crew was myself, Brady, Josje, and Karin. We weren’t done sailing, just flat out of cash so we all worked to put some money in the cruising kitty. Since we’re not retired that’s what we do to follow our dreams- sail, run out of money, work, sail again. Delos was parked for just over a year in Bundaberg, Australia while we scraped together enough for another season.

2013年5月,我们离开本达堡,开始沿澳大利亚东海岸航行,最终到达达尔文。。我们的计划是穿越印尼、菲律宾、马来西亚,进入泰国(从 苏拉塔尼至苏梅岛)我们如此热爱菲律宾,我们的计划被吹得支离破碎,我们最终在那里度过了8个月!我们刚刚进入马来西亚,计划继续向西航行。因此,基本上,最初的18个月计划已延长至5年,而且没有结束的迹象。


瓦努阿图火山旅游博客sv delos您已经制作了近100个旅游博客视频,这些视频都是专业制作的,非常有趣。你在哪里学的录像技术?或者一般来说,旅游博客怎么样?



起初,我们只是胡闹着用静态镜头、随机视频剪辑,也许还有几个字幕来制作东西。当我们本赛季回到澳大利亚的德洛斯时,我们想把我们的比赛提高一个档次,所以我们买了一台Go Pro和稍好一点的高清摄像机。我们得到了一份Adobe Premiere的副本,然后去了镇上进行编辑。这是一次很好的学习经历,但也很有趣。

我们怎么能在船上工作Was starting the travel blog part of the plan from the outset? Would you be able to afford your trip around the world if you weren’t documenting your travels in weekly vlogs and blogs?

It wasn’t really on our radar at all, no. We had started a travel blog on Blogspot for the sole purpose of keeping friends and family up-to-speed on where we were, and as a general travelogue chronicling all of the amazing things we were experiencing. This went on for YEARS with no one but a very small group of friends and family reading the travel blog and looking at pictures.

It wasn’t until quite a while later, after we had started producing more travel vlog style sailing videos and posting them to YouTube that things started to get some traction. Slowly but surely we were seeing the views on the sailing videos climb from the 10s to 100s to 1,000s. After the travel blog started getting hundreds of thousands of hits, that was the first time we looked at each other and said “hey, I think we can do this!”

raja ampat印尼You’ve had quite a contrasting crew over the last months. Where did they all come from?

That is the most unexpected surprise about this trip. I never could have guessed so many awesome people would sail on Delos. Since the trip began we’ve had 33 people from 9 different countries sail on Delos. Some have stayed for a only a week while others have stayed for a month or longer. Some are friends and family that have come to visit but most we’ve met while out sailing. Brady is my brother and he got onboard in Mexico to help with the Pacific crossing to Tahiti. He was going to stay a few months but ended up staying 5 years!


一路上,我们遇到了在新西兰背包旅行的Karin(来自瑞典)和在斐济乘坐叔叔的船航行的Josje(来自新西兰)。两人都被邀请出海度周末,但最终都没有离开!最近,我们在菲律宾遇到了一些了不起的人,他们通过我们的博客与我们联系。我们花了几个星期和他们在一起,他们实际上加入了我们从菲律宾到马来西亚的航线。太有趣了,值得一试 Princesa港至El Nido 只是为了看看他们迷人的海滩。

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el-nido-palawan-philippines-2Do you have a favourite spot so far in this part of the World?

Wow, that’s the toughest question so far. Each and every place has so many special things about it. I’d say it’s a three way competition between Vanuatu, New Zealand, and The Philippines. In Vanuatu we witnessed the true practices of the local tribes, from war dances to exploding volcanoes. In New Zealand we parked Delos in a marina and explored by land. The beautiful mountains, glaciers, and beaches just blew us away. Of course the Kiwi’s are just a fun loving, adventurous group so we got on real well.

In The Philippines I was blown away by the genuine smiles and friendliness of the people. In every town and every village we met someone that took us under their wing and showed us around, and that’s what inspired us to keep updating the travel blog, as we continually found inspiration everywhere we looked. We got pulled into village huts for Tagay with Tanduay and Coke, partied with Filipino seafarers for New Years, rode on the tops of Jeepney’s, and met some lifelong friends that brought us into their homes and showed us the crazy big city of Manila. Plus we really like San Miguel Beer. The Philippines were so much fun our 2 month plan turned into an 8 month adventure!


印尼东米苏拉贾安巴特If one of our readers is considering embarking on a sailing around the world adventure, do you have any advice?

Just get out there and do it! Speaking from experience the hardest part is actually cutting the cord and going. I’ve met a lot of people that have been planning for 10 years or even longer. They’re making everything shiny, making covers for everything, then bags to store their covers in, etc. You and your boat will never be 100% ready but at some point you just have to cast off the lines and head out! You probably already know more than you think so just use good common sense. Oh yea- and bring lots of sunscreen!




与sv delos一起环球航行

现在,这个冒险、旅游博客以及围绕它的整个项目都完全由我们制作 帆船博客视频. 其中一些来自 YouTube 广告,但大部分来自 认捐和捐款 直接从那些喜欢观看帆船比赛视频的人那里获得。那有多酷?!?!由于我们得到的支持和爱,我们现在能够百分之百地资助我们的航行和旅行,并继续免费发布我们的视频!