Season 5 – Sailing The South Atlantic – YouTube Sailing Videos

Season 5 – Sailing The South Atlantic – YouTube Sailing Videos

Karin, Brady, and myself are sitting around chatting about the next season. We’ve done two laps in the Indian Ocean, and our next season will take us from Africa to South America and into the Caribbean. Karin mentions how it’s been a bit of a sausage fest on Delos lately, and how she would love to sail with more girls. Brady and I don’t have a problem with it so we decide to invite an international all-girl crew to join us. Elizabeth from England arrives first, followed by Lisa from Austria, and finally Alex from California. After getting Delos ship-shape and installing a new generator we leave South Africa and our beloved Cape Town behind. After a few days and about 750 NM of sailing we find ourselves anchored along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. Delos is nestled amount massive sand dunes in a harsh but beautiful dessert. A few weeks of exploring amazing Namibia and we are set our sights on the big challenge- 5,000NM of sailing to reach our goal, the continent of South America and BRAZIL! We make port in St. Helena Island where the scenery and amazing hiking and scuba diving take our breath away. Next up is Ascension Island, a small speck of volcanic rock in the middle of the South Atlantic. We party at the local military base, Liz falls in love with a French Sailor, and we have some incredible scuba diving encounters with Galapagos sharks. Before we know it our time is up and the next stop is BRAZIL, which we reach after one of the chillest 16 day passages we’ve ever had. We explore the Brazilian coast making stops in Rio De Janeiro and before we know it 6 months has passed in Brazilian waters. Time to sail to the Caribbean!  This season contains over 50 YouTube Sailing Videos.