Season 2 – Sailing Through SE Asia – YouTube Sailing Videos

Season 2 – Sailing Through SE Asia – YouTube Sailing Videos

After sailing from Australia to Indonesia the Delos Crew finds themselves in the waters of The Philippines! We where supposed to stay there for 2 months, but sailing is this part of the world can become addictive. We loved it so much we stayed for 8 months, and the 7,107 islands of The Philippines took our breath away! We start out by exploring the city of Davao and attending a marine university to get our STCW 95 certifications. The Delos crew then set sail north to the heart of the Visayas islands finding secluded diving and surfing spots literally all over the place. Our funds are running low from months of sailing so Brady and Josje leave Delos to put their new STCW certificates to work as Super Yacht crew. Brian and Karin carry on north experiencing all this incredible country has to offer. We work our way up to Manila before heading south and sailing to the amazing Palawan region to SCUBA dive some of the most incredible WWII wrecks we have ever seen. We get lost in this area for weeks at a time just snorkeling, diving, and enjoying time along and best of all being naked for weeks on end 🙂 This season contains 19 YouTube Sailing Videos.